About us

Hi, I'm Vanessa, of Vanessa SimFit! I'm a BUSY mom of 4 kids (which explains my picture in my car)!!! I have a true passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals! I have my Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and am also a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. I follow flexible dieting and believe no food group should be restricted.  
Growing up I was an athlete in multiple sports. Volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, track, and softball. I loved them all! Around the age of 14 I started paying more attention to my weight. As a gymnast, I realized I wanted to lose 5 pounds and had no idea how to do it! So, I tried to eat completely fat free. This did me no favors and is what marked the beginning of my disordered eating patterns. Because I was cutting out a key nutrient, fat, my body craved it even more. I would try to eat what I considered "healthy" all week, only to binge on all the "unhealthy" foods I was trying to avoid all weekend! And this cycle continued for years. When I was pregnant with my 4 kids, it was the only time I was able to pull it together and eat balanced. I was doing it for the babies, not for myself. Once that stage of my life was done, the binge/restrict cycle continued. It was so frustrating and defeating. It evolved into then trying to eat only "clean" foods, which meant I was only intaking lean proteins, vegetables, and limiting carbohydrates. The cycle continued.....
Finally, I had enough. I decided to really dig into nutrition and educate myself about  what the body truly needs. I got my Sports Nutrition Specialist certification and also researched just about everything Layne Norton has written or said about Flexible Dieting. Things finally began to click, and it almost seemed way to good to be true! You mean I can eat one candy bar, EVERYDAY if I want and still be working toward my fitness goals?!?! It was as if I had won the lottery! I began practicing counting and tracking macros that were specific to my body. I got a coach to help guide me along. I know myself well enough to know, I am better at helping others than I am myself! I have never looked back and now feel so free of from all the unnecessary restrictions I had placed on what I could and could not eat!
It is my true passion to help others that are struggling and help them find balance and enjoyment with eating!!! I love customizing plans for individuals and helping them hit goals they never thought they would be able to meet! I can't wait to watch you realize and see your goals become a reality!
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